Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor

Installing Ruby & Jekyll on Mac OS X

Because of my ignorance for Terminal, I struggled to install Ruby and Jekyll, so I’ve written some notes on that process. When I have to do it from scratch again, I’ll attempt to make them clearer.

I installed so much shit trying to get Jekyll installed, that I don’t really know what I did. But there was a couple of gotchas. So if I need to do it again, the rough process was what I’ve listed below. Along the way, this seemed to be the most straightforward guide I read.

Install Ruby and Dependencies

Install and Run Jekyll

Command Line Alias

jekyll --server --auto is a long command to type each time. To make this shorter, open the file .bash_profile in your home directory and add an alias. Adding the line alias jsa='jekyll --server --auto'; means each time you want to run Jekyll you can simply type jsa.

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