Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

Nov 8, 2012 —

This is not new; the introduction was written in 2005. However, it is an excellent resource.

Richard Rutter:

For too long typographic style and its accompanying attention to detail have been overlooked by website designers, particularly in body copy. In years gone by this could have been put down to the technology, but now the web has caught up. The advent of much improved browsers, text rendering and high resolution screens, combine to negate technology as an excuse.

Robert Bringhurst’s book The Elements of Typographic Style is on many a designer’s bookshelf and is considered to be a classic in the field. Indeed the renowned typographer Hermann Zapf proclaims the book to be ‘a must for everybody in the graphic arts, and especially for our new friends entering the field.’

Rutter put together the website to step through Bringhurst’s working principles; explaining how use each in relation to web typography.

Web design is 95% typography, yet it strikes me that most designers have a far greater focus on page layout than typography. Starting with the typography and working out seems like a good approach.

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