Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor


Almost 100 episodes in and Hypercritical is ending. For me, this is sad news. Every Saturday morning I got a nerd fix—like Saturday morning cartoons for an adult.

Podcasts afford you the luxury of absorbing information without needing to actively seek it out; I absorbed more from Hypercritical than any other podcast.

Where else would I have learnt about high- and low-level programming languages or how Apple’s new Fusion Drive might actually work? It’s not that I couldn’t source the information elsewhere; it’s that I didn’t have to. It came to me once a week, every week.

John is the kind of nerd I want to listen to. Last week many people were taking, and writing, about Apple’s possible switch to ARM processors for Macs. Some think they will, others don’t. But no one else really explained why; John went into the history of RISC and CISC architecture, giving background—and therefore implicit explanation—that no one else seemed to.

The area of Mac nerd podcasts and blogs is often described as an echo chamber; however, Hypercritical is quite a few steps closer to the metal. And that’s why I’ll be sad when it ends.

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