Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor

Yet Another New Bloody Design

Five months ago, I retired my Tumblr ‘blog’1 and set up Jekyll to replace my personal site. I’ve written more in that time than I did in the three years prior; as a result, more people seem to be reading, too. I’m writing more, partially because I wanted to write, and partially because I had a system—both front- and back-end—that aided writing. There are many other static site generators that use Markdown files for content storage, but Jekyll is working for me.

There was nothing particularly wrong with the old design. However, my personal site has always been a good place to experiment, which is why I’ve redesigned it, yet again. I’m now using Sass, which is excellent; I’ve used REM sizing extensively; added syntax highlighting for code blocks (like in this post; added silly Emoji post dividers (that have very little device and browser support); and added keyboard shortcuts that haven’t been exposed in the UI yet.2

There’s still lots of things I want to experiment with and refine. But it got to the point where I thought it was good enough to ship.

  1. I put blog in quotes because I did very little writing on my old blog.

  2. m toggles the menu, → takes you to the previous post and ← takes you to the next. There’s also a couple of more useless ones like ar to open Archive, ab to open About and h to go home. Try typing twitter. Mousetrap is brilliant.

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