Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor


Hi, I’m Andy Taylor, a Product Designer from Melbourne. I’m currently living in San Francisco, working at Facebook on Instagram. I like plain text, bikes, fussy coffee, adventuring, and delightful software.

Before moving to California, I was working on an Internet Banking product with the awesome people at Ferocia.


I actively use Twitter, Strava, Instagram and GitHub. I inactively use LinkedIn. My email address is

Side Projects

Homeslice is a an app to help you find time across timezones. I made it when I was scheduling a lot of international Skype calls. Every timezone app lets you see the current time in multiple cities; Homeslice was designed to excel at scheduling. Add it to your homescreen, it works offline.

Style Manual is a personal grammar reference. You might find it interesting if you don’t know how to use an em-dash.


Version two and three of this site are archived here for posterity.